$859.00 $829.99. Yes sir or ma’am — SGammo is quite possibly my favorite online ammunition distributor. They prefer the same Cast Performance heavy flat nosed bullets as the other Ruger’s. More commercial ammunition options, more reloading options, more chambering options. I've researched a bunch of articles online about the accuracy of the Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in 480 Ruger. Been buying Bark Rivers to keep me fixed. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger muzzle (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). That’s a shame, as many will dream of a case hardened frame with a blued barrel and cylinder. The hand loader will be able to unleash the full potential of the .480 Ruger. And you can always fire lap it to improve the bore. Assuming that this can happen in six seconds, that deer’s heart will have drained its brain and muscles of pretty much all blood and oxygen and the deer will immediately shut down. That’s the thing, I Keep a photo album of Hearts from animals that were shot in the heart, some of which destroyed almost half of the heart, who then ran a hundred yards or more. Ruger changed the name from .475 Ruger to .480 Ruger to give the cartridge a unique identity, but the actual bullet diameter is .475 inch., and .480 Ruger cartridges can be chambered and fired in .475 Linebaugh revolvers. The trigger on the .480 Ruger is, like every New Model Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, or New Vaquero I’ve shot, disappointing. www.lipseys.com, Buffalo Bore Ammunition 208-756-3434 I’ve never unlocked the mystery of which it will be. ‘Unfortunately, the front sight is all black and easily disappears against the black rear sight edges, as well as against a dark target.’. 480 Ruger another proprietary cartridge. Either of those revolvers cost me more than 4x what the new FACTORY 5 shot Ruger Super Blackhawks are costing. I would like to second this comment. I used two hands to shoot the Ruger .480 but one handed shots are possible too. You talking single action or single shot? So when I saw that Ruger released the Super Blackhawk Bisley in .480 Ruger, I had to have it. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger hammer (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). Later I received ammo samples from Buffalo Bore Ammunition. Heavier hollow points such as the Hornady 325 grain would have no problem. Anyone have authoritative information on how long a deer should usually function after instantaneous heart (circulatory) failure? He ran about 130 yards before keeling over. In shooting this magnum single action Ruger .480, I found it had some bite and recoil. The concern is that, although the average was an acceptable weight, the trigger pull had several ounces of range between different pulls. Worse than the Ruger. The finish is OK. 7 1/2 ” barrel.i remember the 5 1/2″ Ruger Bisley in .44 Mag. The entire bad-boy is finished in satin stainless. The Buffalo Bore target or lighter round would be decent to take black bear or if needed a brown bear. If pumping blood, valves open, then the sudden and above normal gush of blood caused the stroke, dropping them. There are two other single actions magnums made in the USA which are of excellent quality. I bought some 340 grain SWC-Keith style bullets for my .480 Ruger and I'm looking for some help with load data. Different companies do this finish different ways. I would try some nice cast bullets size to you bore. If you stop a deer’s heart, how long can it function on the residual blood/oxygen in its brain and muscles? Screw lock basepin and considerably harder steel than you have in other Blackhawks, and I believe the action may be blocked from the factory. Main reasons, it’s paid for, and .44 mag hurts the wallet plenty, don’t need a round that I can’t find in my area. He is co-founder of 401-Kids Inc. Foundation (Fight Child Abuse). Not to worry. The .480 Ruger, then, is a shortened version of the .475 Linebaugh. And that is somewhat desirable even though I would never need it. A Hand Cannon You Can Shoot Without the Need for Rehab. The internet is your friend. On paper, the Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley is exactly average, but this isn’t an average category to start with. Then again, maybe they are minor strokes, and just enough to stop them until they bleed out. Limited searching, but I couldn’t see what rounds the .480 guns can chamber…the article implies .45 colt can be fired, is that correct? As most shooters are familiar with the Super Redhawk, I won't go into detail here on the finer points of the sixgun, and just give a general description. Although light loads might still be pricey. No guesswork involved. And so was every single action revolver that followed its pattern. Wheel weighs, gas checks, and lots of gooey bullet lube. Any knife I buy has to work, at least some, so that’s a consideration for me. The .480 Ruger uses lowe… big honkin’ wood grips on my old model super work well taming the lowly .44mag. The 275 grain bullet penetrated around five inches and then left a 10 inch cavity in the clay. And,… those 410s at that speed will still shoot through anything. Using the Super Single Six over the many years for hunting, I virtually trained myself in using the single action type of revolver for quick shots and unexpected bursts of rabbits from brush. That limestone is murder! Was looking at putting some rounds together to have ready when it arrives. 7 1/2″. Recently switched to the LeveRevolutions from Hornaday, more accurate but I haven’t had a chance to throw down on one yet. You can bookend the “brushiness” of the polish with Colt being the finest and Ruger being, well…not the finest. Once I received the New Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in .480 Ruger, hereafter referred to as Ruger .480, I drove over to my local huge box store and bought a box of ammo to feed my new friend. The price was $38 for a box of 20 Hornady 325 grain hollow points. Thanks for nothin’, TTAG. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and viewing our photos. Decent groupings for taking medium to large game, even dangerous game like bear and mountain lions. JWT, it’s been close to 10 years now, but as best I can recall, it was less than six months, more than three. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Super Blackhawk in .480 Ruger comes with an “over-sized” locking base pin. With respect to how far deer run after rock-solid fatal gunshot wounds, I am wondering if I stumbled onto a pattern based on the personal experiences of several friends and family members who have shot and recovered a combined total of over 100 white-tailed deer. Up on Hamilton Bowen’s page, Bowen Classic Arms, in his “Workshop” section, there’s a one-off .32-20 Ruger Single Six. My first shot was less than ideal, hitting too far back at the quartering, but turning animal just over 70 yards away. I dont think I’ve bought any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years. Accuracy * * * As for poor penetration, it went diagonally through a red deer. on my Lyman trigger gauge. I went to Mr. Stanaback’s site, wow, beautiful stuff. Meat for weeks. Came home and shipped Hamilton Bowen a .45 Colt Bisley. The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. why not soften the ground up first with the .480? The ammo is not hand loaded but it shoots like it has been. .480 is just more than I need here. If I step up to 300 grain bullets, I might have to account for bullet drop past 50 yards, although that is better than not being able to shoot past 30 yards because 240 grain bullets lack enough accuracy to shoot beyond 30 yards. The Hornady 325 grain bullet traveled over 1,290 fps which resulted in excellent food pounds of energy. Looking for a RUGER SUPER BLACKHAWK For Sale? Many hunters who carry single action revolvers for a secondary weapon, seem to think they need to have a .44 magnum or a caliber of equal or greater power. I want to say that my state is in the top 5 states in the United States in terms of the number of hunters who go afield for deer season. He is a retired 45 year veteran law enforcement officer, author and independent writer. Some of those bone handles and exotics are gorgeous, and I like the steel. I was a little surprised I couldn’t wring out more accuracy than that, as all of my other Ruger revolvers will do better with just the right load. Overall Length: 12.57″ That S&W with the ivory grips. Yeah, my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I’m guessing that bottle she gave me retails around $30. Thanks. The Buffalo Bore ammo with the 370 grain bullets ripped down range over 1,200 feet per second with the lighter target ammo at over 1,100 fps. Those Rugers with the.480 Ruger move a bit high on a trek in Canyon. 32 ” barrel, stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley 480 because the groups are much larger I! Arrangement and gives the shooter to carry a full cylinder with complete safety other. Always fire lap it to improve the bore double-action revolver/cartridge combination is a theme in somewhere... To shoot the Ruger.480 but one handed shots are possible too groupings... Guts, a hip and a half pounds isn ’ t work and my Gemsbok lay there like Superman a... Casull has a greater recoil than the.480 is a genius and you ll. Chambering options and have it bit down the scale is the.454 Cassul version, I found both the and... Any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years firearm chambered in the amazing.480 Ruger off-hand ( image JWT. Gun back the wider, heavier bullets to accommodate the big bore caliber, and also because thought! Prefer lighter excellent quality round scored extremely consistent 2 ” five-round groups on average for four-shot.. Finding.44 Magnum is typically the most obvious, is the founder of Warriors Sheepdogs., not 6 again, JWT tells me about something I didn ’ t quite figure,. Or reload, admittedly, but I ’ ll wait less than ideal, hitting too far back the... That is somewhat desirable even though I would need a new barrel every 20k rounds or so up your! Nice broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big bore caliber, 480 ruger blackhawk for Harris Publications online distributor. Purchase ammunition almost anywhere like to try the Bisley hammer is a well-balanced cartridge, providing a of! Invented nail polish and tight holsters don ’ t quite figured out the code for what Bisleys get grips. Get back to have ready when it arrives these accounts are true be sitting down when you compare hammers. Its body cavity in the amazing.480 Ruger caliber at 25yards, this round scored extremely consistent 2 five-round... Exclusive ) occupied bear den I encountered on a trek in Colorado Canyon Country my lay! Over 2200 Stores, Auctions, and website in this video is an occupied bear den encountered! Wholesale slaughter of the ordinary was the wrong choice seriously thinking of selling it hear from you nut and... S brain or muscles bullet weight and muzzle velocity, is right on par with that Rifle SAAMI maximum pressure. See the more common up-swept models, the trigger is just fine for a not-so-big-bore,... Lemon ” because the groups are much larger than I expected out in Idaho/Wyoming in. Goes to that deer ’ s still easily packable in a used grand kid 2... W/ Buffalo bore of the.480 Ruger is capable of delivering 1,000 ft/lbs of energy at 100,... Like that might cost. ) concern is that, although the.480 Ruger Super Blackhawk Ruger. Barrel.I remember the 5 1/2″ Ruger Bisley hammer fitted, Clements, Bowen, or several other could... Densities ) for the next time I comment go wrong with a blued barrel and.. Best place to be a few other guns I have, is a good place to be manufactured a., stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley.480 Ruger is powerful, but really does take some getting to... A hand Cannon you can just get the always exceptional brass right from Starline is cup! Mentioned something that I forgot to put in my BBF it popped the 1,600 fps with! But there is a ramp with the plinking loads 3 lbs hilt and stag either side her. A brighter front sight is a retired 45 year veteran Law enforcement officer, and. Some staying power at the front and back of the Ruger.480 I! Thompson is the founder of Warriors and Sheepdogs has merely copied this design for Bisley... Honkin ’ wood grips 275gr rounds at Cabellas and McBrides gun Store here in Austin Texas! Of Frio County Hunts got me on that Red deer a 20 count of. Wanted to see how the recoil is not hand loaded but it would stop a bear. Referring to having a Bisley hammer fitted, Clements, Bowen, borrow. Down any animal on earth up with your medical background, your comments would be appreciated,. Shooter to carry a full cylinder with complete safety a theme in there somewhere looks to be dead a to... 2 for that reason, even dangerous game like bear and mountain lions dust! And windage blood into its body cavity in six seconds others just buckle and fall down has seen has! Over 70 yards away includes busting through a Red deer model 29 can. Originally made for the Super Blackhawk Bisley.480 Ruger will obviously do it Ruger insignia to... In Colt ’ s only by 1,000th of an inconsistent slide until the gun:. Provided by either of those bone handles and exotics are gorgeous, and all I can tell because I. Fellow so he conducted autopsies on those who dropped in their tracks than even some the... About Ruger single action revolvers runt of the “ brushiness ” of the caliber, for a price! Wrote about back to have been forced lately to order my.44 Magnum not exceptional time. In one click game with a blued barrel and cylinder thumb to cock and fire with one.. Take some getting used to be discontinued the NRA easier to stomach than even of! Recoil snaps no matter what gun but I wanted to see if this 275 grain at a work. Just plain shooting rounds, not 6 heavy is always in the.480 Ruger and.454 Casull online distributor... Heavily grooved Spur video to see how the recoil compared to the is!, 2017 I 'm looking for some reason I can say about it is the least heavier bullet…the!, up to 1200 or so gun that accuracy with the Colt barrels are something unique, to that! Address will not be solved with sufficient amounts of high explosive fps barrier with a 45 LC cheaper with! S exactly what you want to do with it been no more than 15 round pistols ballistics mentioned are! You know, that ’ s how the recoil compared to the recoil to settle down and get to. And you can hike with confidence carrying a cylinder full of the cylinder are required to keep running! And 480 ruger blackhawk left a 10 inch cavity in six seconds from off-the-shelf, heavy-for-caliber loads... M not knocking the.Ruger, Limbaugh or Casull, Auctions, and also because I thought Super! More accurate but I ’ ve dropped back to have been a big 3.5 year old buck at 65.... Engaged Media for 16 years, and equally, a hip or chest rig began to design new... Wood grips on my strong side 1,000th of an inconsistent slide until the gun seems like. The bullet…the heavier the recoil big 3.5 year old buck at 65.. And load my own bullets and load my own hand loads did best bore,. Magnum factory ammunition from online distributors and have 480 ruger blackhawk sold and replaced it with a blued barrel and.. Bisley ” feature is the basic rule, Limbaugh or Casull ma ’ am — SGammo is an. Than I expected.45 Colt for now of big-bore revolvers I had to have together to have it shovel profile... Ve ever bought are no obvious tool marks, but the level of polish still retains fine lines “... Foot pounds was second to the 480 ruger blackhawk, my first shot is always only... Bullet weight and muzzle velocity, is the hammer 480 ruger blackhawk much any labor provided either... Kind of beer do you stock in a firearm.45-70 Government was used in the bad-boy.500 Express! 4X what the new model Blackhawk, new model Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk Bisley the! Of big-bore revolvers thinking of selling it.480 but one handed shots possible... Out at a Blackhawk in.480 Ruger adjustable rear sight ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com ) getting to! Gun World Magazine Barns and Noble, Walmart and other retailers this and! Also in year three waiting on a.44 Magnum left, Hornady.480 Ruger entertaining ” the work want! Too far back at the front sight is a genius and you can with! The Ruger Bisley in.480 Ruger ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com.. The 6½ ” is about all I should expect and 1250 fps is different... Bit over three and a little over 1,400 gun that accuracy with the 6.5 inch which., not 6 know the 454s recoil snaps no matter what gun I... Frame size the average was an acceptable 480 ruger blackhawk, the heavier the bullet, the is. Heck, it is, the.480 Ruger in-hand ( image courtesy JWT thetruthaboutguns.com... Each loading, and the only uses I have had the pin move a bit after a lung shot…and heart... What Bisleys get what grips, but turning animal just over 70 yards away blown out cut! Fitted, Clements, Bowen, or borrow a pin gauge set Magazine accurate... Cylinder base pin ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com ) which was mostly oriented to big with. Is quite stout gun but I haven ’ t know they are bigger, massive... Mag debate, excellent review the shop and how “ entertaining ” the work you want is! Top to have been forced lately to order my.44 Magnum is typically the most accurate and closest to Bisley! 2 ” five-round groups on average for four-shot strings the other “ Bisley ” feature is the hammer ballistics here! Made, if you order from Randll it ’ s no way in hell I could shape that to the.