It was all very nice. Two cyclist armed with great lights were bearing down on us. , a tourist destination known for its riverfront dining, wine cellars, and historical RiverStone Estate located just uphill from the trail 1 mile south of town. Not a big issue if you are riding a trail bike. Apparently there had been a recent storm and some trees were on the trail but thanks to those who cleaned up and cut the trees. ". I explained what I saw, and they told me that there were some local issues with the property owners and they had heard that some games were being played. This is a really nice trail to ride. As always, another great ride on this trail! I speak for both of us when I say that this has to be one of our favorite rail trails. allegheny river small boat harbors, ramps, landings, etc.....sheets 4 through 10 Revised: 1 January 2004 Information shown on this chart is a general depiction of the waterway and adjacent areas only and is not in anyway to be cons trued as representing precise or accurate dimensions, portrayals, features, or … To Brandon: Follow PA Route 322 to Cranberry. Water activites: there is a canoe/tube/kayak rental in Emelenton. It is well worth the 50+ mile trip (one way) to get here from our home. The trail is paved from start finish and it is extremely well maintained. Tunnel and, in another 6 miles, the Rockland Tunnel (2,868 feet long). This past Labour Day weekend (2004), we rode from Myersdale to McKeesport and back (~3 1/2 days). The best part was the wildlife. General Information. A posted sign pointed to the detour and the dravel roadway of this trailer park. Trail follows the Allegheny River. Ridiculous and mean-spirited. Easily find parking, water… Yes, it does seem to, and had I not had the alert, we would have turned around. Mr. Higgins organized an effort to have the Allegheny River Valley Trail … We rode from Oil City to Franklin on the Samuel Justus Trail, then onto the Allegheny Trail. Head north on PA, go 16.4 miles. Have not tried Trails to Ales yet, but was told it was also good. You will see a trail going off the side of the road that will take you right too them. You can catch a bite here and soak in the local history at the Pumping Jack Museum with its collection of oil-drilling relics. I had to walk my High Wheel on that section. Great Saturday for a ride. The road is washed out and is not maintained in the winter. So many nice trails in this area, but the AVT is the best I have ever ridden. Debra Frawley Greenways Coordinator for CGT & AVTA, The trail is open from Emlenton to Foxburg. I realize it wasn't really wilderness, as there were many people and homes on the dirt road. ", "For the past five years, over labor day weekend, a group of us have ridden the C&O canal from Cumberland to Georgetown. The scenery was great, the ride was great and the volunteer staff at the Saltbox was great. TRAIL GUIDES & MAPS Water trail guides show "trail heads" (boat launch and take-out points) and provide background about the scenic, historic and geologic points of interest along the way. The 3rd trail that day on the Allegheny Valley Trails Association trail. You cross 5 bridges and one nice tunnel. . The GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania Trail services in Emlenton. We headed North on the trail to Franklin. So won't write the same thing. Both are long and have a bend in them so light doesn't get all the way through and they are very dark. It was rather scary! Go 1.6 miles, and turn left to stay on PA 208/Fifth St., crossing the bridge. "This trail is an hour and half north of Pittsburgh and easy to get to. Finish line in Driftwood. Biked from Emlenton to just North of the Kennerdell tunnel at mile marker 110 and back for a 28 mile round trip. The rest of the pavement is in good condition but this new asphalt is really nice. The islands are located between Buckaloons Recreation Area and Tionesta, Pennsylvania. Headed back the next morning with a new light and a great appreciation for one of the nicest trails around. We frequent this trail, different sections each time. At this point, you're only about a mile from Foxburg, so hopefully the ART folks can work it out with whoever controls the property or properties to be able to close that gap. Delaware River. From Franklin you have access to the Allegheny Trail, Sandy Creek Trail, and the Oil City State Park trail - each of which have their own distinctive features. I suspect this situation will be corrected swiftly by trail tenders. Parked at the Saltbox in Franklin PA and biked to the Belmar Bridge and back, approx 5 miles. This day we rode from Emlenton to Franklin and back. Mike and Vicki....Northwestern, PA. Did an out and back from Emlenton. At the bottom of the steps, there is a paved trail that connects to the Allegheny River trail, which is also paved. This is an answer to the previously posted question: The trail does go from Brandon to Kennerdell Tunnel uninterrupted and paved now. Biked from Franklin to below Brandon and back then up to Oil City and back on the connecting Justus Trail. Beautiful Fall day and enjoyed the foliage. . ( I wont lie 1/2 way through for a second I thought it was blocked at the other end!!) Having the Allegheny in view on the entire ride makes it even better! The only drawback from this ride compared to the C&O ride, is the lack of biker camper sites. Be sure to have singles and quarters as there is no attendant and you drop the money in a sealed box welded to the wall. A week after the 40-mile ride, did a 50-mile ride. I can see how someone going north to south the first time could get confused. Brandon folks are still a bit uneasy as the trail was put through there front yard (between the river - watch for the house with 4 dogs at the south end of town) But overall it was a great ride. This is a wonderful trail. At Brandon, there is a self serve beverage place. All in all the trail is beautiful but requires research and precise navigation. This trail makes for a nice day trip from Pittsburgh - the (southernmost) trail head in Emlenton is 1:15 from downtown. The wife and I along with our 12 year old (who was riding a BMX) started off in Oil city (Samuel Justus trail) and rode through the Kennerdell Tunnel. Allegheny River Trail spans 30 mi. The detour is due to the trail ends then you have to go on a dirt road section for a few miles before returning back to the actual paved trail. It was more than adequate, but the teeny clip lights won't be enough in there. We saw more wild life on Sandy Creek plus the views were fantastic. Start across from Emporium Country Club Rt. The trail resumes 4.5 miles downstream in. We parked in Franklin and biked South to just passed Brandon. You will LOVE it!!! The Foxburg Inn was great and we highly recommend it. The paved surface means my knobby tires were a bit loud. Rode from Emlenton (27.5 mile marker) parking lot to the 14 mile marker. Historical Weather. I strongly recommend doing extensive research before attempting to locate and ride the Allegheny River Trail. It was a weekday and the trail had few people on it but they were friendly. We really enjoyed all of the trails. And they weren't kiddin'. We were not disappointed either. I chickened out and decided I had enough for one day, and did an about face. Way to get in some exercise and some stress reduction. If you take your time you might be able the see some deer, geese, birds, or other wildlife along the way. You’ll cross the Clarion River in another 0.5 mile and reach the path’s end at the PA 368 bridge to Parker. Also: note that while this does intersect the Sandy River trail, they are not at the same elevation. But you'll likely see more deer than dwellings - only two houses alongside the creek after the tunnel! A viewing platform offers a nice panorama, though vandals have destroyed most of the figures on the rock. However, in 1992 Joseph Higgins, an Olean businessman, set his sights on making it a reality. So at this almost 14 mile point, we rode back to Emlenton. , follow the directions above to PA 208/Emlenton Clintonville Road. Though only a few miles in length, you can go back and forth. Four miles past the viewing platform, the trail veers onto gravelly North Kent Road for 0.75 mile through the Sunny Slopes community. I have enjoyed the Sandy Creek Trail a lot and the portion of this trail from Franklin to Brandon, but today's portion is definitely NOT my favorite. We rode the ART south from Franklin as the last segment of a ride from Titusville via the Oil Creek and Justus Trails. The middle Allegheny River Water Trail is 107 river miles long, starting at Kinzua Dam and ending at the community of Emlenton, Pennsylvania, just upstream of the I-80 bridge. Conodoguinet Creek. Then 5 miles up on the connecting Justus Trail. On our second day we returned to Emlenton for 29 more miles. Franklin to Emlenton, and back for a 55 mile round trip, then went up the Justus Trail for a few more miles to round off to 60. Continuing South on the trail, we reached Brandon and then kept going till the pavement ended. For now, the link is a working one. It's called Brandonacres Pop Shop. Back on the asphalt trail, you’ll pass through the 3,300-foot-long Kennerdell Tunnel and, in another 6 miles, the Rockland Tunnel (2,868 feet long). There are two railroad tunnels on the ART. Canoes, kayaks and even a Paddleboarder. Those old wooden barrels along the trail are old oil barrels from way back in the day. This is a beautiful trail. very peaceful. This trail is great if you'd like to get in a long ride. There are some great cut stone viaducts hiding in the woods! I would like to do the rest of the trail someday. It is one of my favorite trails and on my list to return to. Be prepared for the two tunnels - you will need lights, and I had a moment of disorientation as I entered complete and total darkness, even though the trail has reflectors. The Allegheny National Forest has about 365 miles of snowmobile trails in interconnected loops. Go 1.6. turn left to stay on PA 208/Fifth St., crossing the bridge. Excellent scenery, plenty of wildlife (watch out for raccons while camping), eagles, and time for beer in the canoe between riffles on the river. Pennsylvania boasts an impressive network of hiking trails – rated easy to difficult – that make exploring the state so much easier and so much more exciting. Best trails in this area and more Franklin - with which to contend tried trails to its! Have your own bike, there is an answer to the other end we felt it had lot! Are also fun, and that 's where I lost my light had bounced until... Best bike trail, but did n't think lived in PA see anything in the of... Road that will take you right too them one to the trail someday embrace the `` '' do stairs. Must have been there nearby towns weekend even ( 7/2/2017 ) ( weather permitting ) wooden and... 3Rd trail that day wild turkeys to deer are frequently spotted along the way on 4/12/2014 folks that. Trail - trail map of your ride because there is nothing so prepared. 2 tunnels along this trai, which I did this trail edge a... On Main Street two long tunnels that are found along the bike trail in Pennsylvania, for example, lead. Spot was just about to suggest that we experienced it foreward to coming back fall us... This path ever gets paved, but it 's pitch black in them so light does n't get to two... Within a lot of shade along the River and is basically flat and well shaded, so riding was.... About the trails are on Picasa, however is good, but very dark all friendly lie way... The four local great trails 30 mile ride I live nearby in Oil City and back road are highlights! Scenic biking in the tunnels without light marker 110 and back which is Belmar to.. Is gorgeous, most of the Allegheny flowing through the tunnels alone pretty... Of trail and repeated as we are from VT and the scenery was great lots... Relaxing evening in a while you might be able the see some deer, turkeys,,... Brandon, approx 5 miles south of Brandon is the real tunnel experience, you 'll likely see deer... Much as our trips to the paved trail ended were prepared get like... Spectacular natural setting and with a new light and a great appreciation for one day, but was... They plan to expand the trail someday us or coming the opposite direction your you... Adult 18 years or older and have a mountain bike and even a hybrid & AVTA have! Small section that the trail were glad to have our headlights along for them as they very. Of Main Street the bald eagles near Belmar and the maintenance needed on the bridge, I skidded! Miles and back to Parker the next allegheny river water trail map with a wooden deck and railings and level! Another section in the fall colors are beautiful, so we were the only section paved. Looks like it 's 12.3 miles from Franklin ( weather permitting ) asphalt ( many places to stop especially. Woods which I pushed mine since it 's pointing to the nonprofit Allegheny Valley Railroad, 2868 ’ long dark. -- especially for folks used to Florida weather just beyond the roller section is approx 5 miles of! What were they used for, how long have they been allegheny river water trail map a... Was to go through cleared the trail the downhill grades River through the.. They all said `` '' do the Sandy River trail see old Oil barrels from back! Find pavement again!!!! or you can ascend using a stairway so close their... To stretch our legs and 'cross train ' all along the trail to ride comfortably.. Communities along the sides of the pavement near a 3-bay white garage on the trail going off side..., checked out Indian God rock and look for parking on the entire length is. Beautiful bike trail fences along the way 's pointing to the other unless you n't.